AV Softball Update: Looking forward to a great season


Zymon Baron

The team practicing for upcoming games on their home filed.

Zymon Baron and Kazuya Yasui

With the start of Spring, the softball season has arrived. Last season, the Amador Softball team finished 12-6, placing 6th in the North Coast Softball League. For the 2022 season, the team has seen several additions to their roster that has helped create a team that can possibly dominate the season.

“Right now we’re 1-2. We haven’t played any league games, just non-league games. I think that we have a lot of great freshmen, and I really think we will go really far in NCS because of all of our young talent. I think Amador has a great future for softball,” said Sophia Youngberg (‘22).

To create a strong team the upperclassmen have the duty to lead  the younger players. Whether it be mentoring them, leading drills, or being the voice of the team, there is a lot of pressure put upon their shoulders. In games, they need to be loud and vocal on call outs and be seen cheering on the team from the dugout.

“I’m a catcher and shortstop, and both of those positions require a lot of leadership and communication. I really like that because I can be really vocal with my teammates and make sure everyone is on the same page. I try to provide the command on the field for the team,” said Youngberg.

Cadence Likeness (‘25) in position to make contact with the ball at the home game against James Logan.

 The five freshmen on varsity have many responsibilities as well. The main goal for the freshmen is to help them become leaders, so when they become juniors or seniors, they can lead the team to victories for continuous success year after year. 

“The freshman actually have to do most of the field work. We have to put the bases in and take care of the field, while the seniors get first call,” said Caydence Likeness (‘25).

The expectations of the team are high. Most of the players and coaches expect that they will make it to the playoffs. Although they have had a slow start, their recent win over Arroyo High School has started a three game winning streak, and the team hopes to continue this streak. 

“There is a lot of talent on this team, so I put a lot of pressure on myself and the team to meet the high expectations I have for the team. I am sure that the girls have the same expectations,” said Softball Coach Teresa Borchard.

The biggest difference between this season and the last however, is there are no more COVID restrictions. COVID shortened last year’s season as well as made everyone wear masks during practices and games. This year is different as the season has resumed its usual length and schedule, with little to no restrictions. 

“The season before was probably worse, and this season is better because we don’t need to wear masks, and everyone getting vaccinated was basically a positive impact on our team,” said Youngberg.

With a return to normalcy, new talent introduced to the team, and guidance from older players, Amador hopes to have a bright, confident season. Spectators will be able to watch all Amador home softball games at the field in front of the back parking lot.

“I am excited for this season and looking forward to what we can do this year as a team,” said Likeness.