Leadership offers room service to teachers


Sarah Yang

Leadership used their artistic skills to create Teacher Room Service tags meant to resemble hotel door tags.

Katy Clark, AVT Editor

On Thursday February 24th, the leadership class showed their appreciation for the teachers by delivering a snack and a drink to the teachers during fourth period.

“The teachers work really hard for us so it is important to remind them of our appreciation. I think it also just is a nice thing to do to brighten up their day,” said Leadership student Evan Lucero (‘23).

To receive their request, all the teachers had to do was fill out a tag given to them, place it on their door, and their order would be fulfilled by the end of the period. This event turned out to be a popular service and an overall positive experience. 

“I think it was really fun to get a little delivery, and it was thoughtful for the kids to do something nice for us,” said Yearbook and Health teacher, Julie Foley.

With the wide variety of options available on the door tab, the teachers had to decide between a variety of comfort snacks and drinks. In the spirit of giving and kindness, some even gave a little back to the students.

“I ordered more than I probably was supposed to. I got the Snapple drink, the cookies, and the Cheetos. I ended up sharing it with my hungry students,” said Spanish teacher Karen Lord-Eyewe.

As for the future of this room service, many teachers are hoping that leadership will continue on this debut project. This project gave leadership students room to be creative and step outside of the box. From the designing of the door tags to the planning of the menu, they had to use teamwork in order to pull this off for the teachers.

“We brainstormed over what to do to recognize teachers and someone had the idea. It took about three weeks of planning , including thinking of foods and buying them. We are thinking about making it a once a year thing,” said Lucero.