A preview of Amador Boys Tennis 2022


Yi (Steven) Yang

Varsity Tennis participates in four hours of practice a week to stay sharp for their matches.

The boys tennis season is officially in full swing, and Amador’s 18 varsity boys are back to practice and ready for their best season yet.

“I look for continuous improvement during the season, match play during tryouts, how they are doing under pressure and if they own their performance. Too many like to tell me they had a bad day,” said Varsity Boys Tennis Coach Mark.

Practices take place every Tuesday and Thursday. The players are strategizing how to best perform at upcoming matches.

“I find the most important thing during practice is being able to play in a fun, non competitive setting where you can freely work on what you want to. Some outside factors that I feel are important for a successful season include having a positive mindset, a good amount of sleep, and having a supportive team,” said Hrishikesh Hari (‘22).

Developing skills isn’t the only thing Boys Varsity Tennis needs in order to achieve a successful season. They’ll also need excellent teamwork and communication on and off the court.

“I feel like having a good relationship with your team and coaches and having fun are important for a successful season,” said Roy Kim (‘23).

The team works well together, and as a unit they’ve created season goals together.

“[We plan to] place teams in the finals at EBAL tourney in both singles and doubles. [We plan to] go to NCS with a strong set of doubles teams. [We’ll] communicate with both opposing coaches and all our players to make sure they all understand when, what, where and how many extras to bring for exhibition matches,” said Coach Mark

Achieving these goals can be rough for many, but our tennis team is as well put together as ever. When it comes to winning big championships like EBALs, confidence is key.

“I look forward to winning all of our matches,” said Kim.