An inside look at the R building classrooms


Samatha Allen

Posters with motivational quotes line a whiteboard to encourage students to do their best.

Karissa Yeung, Senior Staff Writer

The R building, the newest addition to Amador’s campus, has been completed after more than 12 months. It is dedicated to math, physics, computer science, special education, and social science classes. 

“I love being in [my] new classroom because everything is completely brand new and I was in the C building before, which is pretty run down at this point. I had lights that were falling from the ceiling, and an old TV that was not even usable. I really like the aspect that everything is nice and new,” said math teacher and intervention specialist, Samantha Allen.

Many teachers had to move into their new classroom within less than a week. It was stressful, but also rewarding at the same time because now teachers are able to enjoy their classroom.

“[The move in process] was not super fun. It was over Super Bowl weekend, Valentine’s weekend and I had my wife helping me make the sign and moving furniture around and telling me that I was putting things in the wrong place. I was thankful to have her help, but it was still a lot to load up on one weekend and have the class ready for students on Tuesday morning,” said computer science teacher, Richard Hanson.

Compared to the other classrooms around campus, the R building classrooms are futuristic with innovative technologies, such as Expo marker desks and new projectors. It allows teachers to instruct more efficiently, especially when going over new topics.  

“I really like the projector and the aspect of the pen. This way students can come up to the board, like when we are doing warm ups and they can write directly on the screen without getting Expo markers [ink] everywhere. The desks are pretty neat because it allows us to switch into groups, partners, and rows pretty quickly and I do have some desks that are dry erase desks and students can practice math problems on them,” said Allen

Students and teachers are able to utilize the R building classrooms for not only this year, but also for future school years as well.