Fan-favorite Super Bowl LVI ads


Mikail Mirza

Jalen Alami (‘24) watches his favorite Super Bowl commercial entitled NFL: Bring Down the House,” enjoying its creative humor.

Jalen Alami and Mikail Mirza

The NFL season is officially over after the Los Angeles Rams defeated the Cincinnati Bengals with a 23-20 victory in the Super Bowl. However, some people weren’t particularly interested in the live action, instead enjoying creative Super Bowl commercials that companies put months of effort into. 

With that in mind, we decided to rank our top five Super Bowl commercials from this past Sunday, as this year featured many hilarious and interesting commercials worth noting.

5. Frito-Lay, “Flamin’ Hot” with Charlie Puth as the beatboxing fox and Megan Thee Stallion as the sassy songbird, the song is “Push it” by Salt-N-Pepa for Doritos and Cheetos (“Unleash your Flamin’ Hot”)

This commercial features Charlie Puth and Megan Thee Stallion animating the voice of forest animals being attracted to a bag of Flamin’ Hot Doritos and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. A safari trekker encounters these animals eating the spicy chips, in which they make noises that resemble the beat of “Push It” by Salt-N-Pepa. The commercial ends with a display of the entire ensemble of animals dancing to the beat and enjoying both their Cheetos and Doritos. 

“This commercial contained memorable pop stars. I personally love Megan Thee Stallion due to her savage song lyrics. The cgi animals were a creative and unique add to the commercial,” said Shriyans Sivaraj (‘24).

4.  Liquid Death Big Game Commercial With Kids Hydrating at a Party

One commercial that caught all eyes was the Liquid Death commercial, showing small children drinking supposedly alcohol and partying like young adults. Shots are displayed of these young kids holding large beer cans, creating an incredibly humorous tone. The scene ends with the narrator claiming that the drink is “just water”.  

“I’ll describe this commercial in one word, Hilarious. When I saw this commercial I was on the floor rolling around and giggling. If I had a chance to speak to the owner of Liquid Death I would thank them for showing NFL fans such a high quality commercial,” said Amador football player Dominic Varner (‘22).

3) BMW “Zeus & Hera” with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Salma Hayek for the BMW iX EV 

“This commercial was eye-opening and was quite comical. I love the creativity with the incorporation of greek mythology,” said Milan Jackson (‘22).

Popular bodybuilder/actor Arnold Schwarzeneggar played Zeus while actor Salma Hayek played Hera. The two Greek gods are portrayed as being retired. While they are in retirement they use their electric powers to their advantage. They eventually turn a BMW car into electric and enjoy the vehicle. 

2) Lay’s “Golden Memories” with Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen

In the spot, the actors share special memories while sharing some chips between each other, including road trips, buying a haunted house and getting kidnapped by a stalker.

“I love seeing celebrities in the commercials because they always endorse such random products that I would never have associated them with. I got so excited to see Paul Rudd,” said Sara Vannoni (’23).

1) NFL Bring Down the House 

Our favorite commercial of this year begins inside a regular house with two children playing a football video game. The characters then fall out of the TV screen and appear to be real athletes playing football inside the home, making a huge mess out of everything. The NFL’s biggest stars like in this commercial, making it only more comedic and appealing to the average football fan. 

“This commercial was incredibly extravagant. The silly little NFL player characters are quite humorous. Those hooligans had me rolling on the floor giggling similar to my reaction to when I watched the Liquid Death Big Game Commercial With Kids Hydrating at a Party commercial,” said Varner.

Honorable Mention: Coinbase commercial 

The most intelligent form of a marketing commercial, this 30-second clip contained just a QR code floating on the screen. 20 million people scanned the QR code out of pure curiosity, falling into the trap of being directed to the Coinbase website, which produced a ton of traffic. 

Altogether, a 30-second ad costed 6.5 million dollars to run, but came with the benefit of having 112 million people watching.