Update on Amador Boys Basketball


Zymon Baron

Ethan Daley (’22) catches the basketball after halftime as the players return to the court.

Zymon Baron, Staff Writer

Amador Valley’s Boys Basketball team is in a great position to make it into this years’ playoffs. With the components of teamwork and determination, the team is full of talented players who are driven to overcome any obstacles.

“Currently we are 9-6 and if we want to make the playoffs in one of the toughest leagues in the state, we have to make a final push and win a few more games. Even though each game is extremely competitive, I believe we have a solid chance of making the playoffs and making a run in the playoffs as well.” said Amador Valley’s shooting guard, Evan Tian (‘23).

COVID restrictions have significantly affected the basketball team’s training and practices. When one player gets restricted due to COVID, it has a negative effect on the whole team’s morality.

“From shortening our season to having players sit out, it really sucks. As a guy that’s been out due to COVID restrictions, it can really mess with the work that you’ve put in. And definitely having to play with a mask is challenging especially at the end of games.” said Javier Gros-Suanzes (‘23).

Teamwork is an extremely important key component to team victories. Amador’s team is full of talented athletes who work well with each other and train as a unit.

“I’d say that every player on our team is a key player. We have our roles and we fill them to the best of our ability. Having everyone do their part extremely helps when facing strong teams.” said Foster Keast (‘22)