Museum on Main opens display featuring LEGO creations


Enzo Peixoto

A LEGO model of the Little Brown Church in Sunol is a striking resemblance to the real structure.

Enzo Peixoto, Staff Writer

It’s never too early to visit a museum and marvel at its incredible exhibitions. The Pleasanton Museum on Main is one of the many fascinating museums around our city. The museum recently opened a rare exhibit, which is running through January 8: a display featuring lego creations from around the world.

“I’m very proud of the current, growing Pleasanton exhibits. We had an influx of money to do it with, so we were able to expand a lot of the tech,” said Ken MacLennan, who’s been working at the museum for 13 years.

Every few months the museum releases a new display, and while the level of interest in certain things vary from person to person, the lego exhibits were very popular at the time of its opening.

“My favorite thing [in the Lego exhibit] is the Little Brown Church; I like it for its size and the level of detail, I think it’s really beautiful, and on the back it even has the stained glass, which is pretty cool,” said Sarah Schaefer, the Director of Education at the museum.