Trash on campus: through photos

Zenil Koovejee and Sharon Jiang

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  • After lunch, milk cartoons, tissues, cardboard boxes, and plastics are among some of the pieces of trash evident in the lunch area.

  • Lunch tables in the quad are often layered with an excessive amount of trash that takes away from the beauty of the campus.

  • Custodians dedicate their valuable time every day toward cleaning up trash left by students.

  • In order to restore the campus in light of the trash problem, leadership students have been planting native plants and flowers around campus with their new beautification campaign.

  • Amador’s three trash disposal system allows students to place different kinds of trash in different color bins and is one way Amador can improve its current trash situation.

  • Trash abandoned by students after lunch extends passed the lunch tables and can be seen almost anywhere on campus.

  • After campus custodians tirelessly clean the lunch area, all of the lunch tables are clean and trash-free.