MLB has first lockout in over 30 years


Thomas Kim

The lockout on Major League Baseball will affect the teams and the future of the 2022 season.

Thomas Kim, AVT Editor

The collective bargaining agreement (CBA) expired after 4 years without a solution, causing the first MLB lockout since the 1994-95 season and raising questions regarding the 2022 season. 

“I definitely feel bad for the players because they are unable to use their team facilities and sign with teams during the lockout. This causes a lot of uncertainty for where players will be next season,” said Amador baseball player Mitch Kreider (‘23)

The lockout was decided upon by MLB owners unanimously to force a work stoppage. Unlike a strike which is by the players withholding work, a lockout is from management withholding any work to take place. Although the CBA between the MLB and MLBPA expired, a league shutdown was not inevitable. The season would have proceeded on with ongoing CBA negotiations until owners decided to start a lockout.

“I know that the strike that started in 1994 caused many regular season games to be canceled and eventually led to no world series. Hopefully it doesn’t reach to this level because I don’t think it would be beneficial for the players or teams,” said Kreider.

The most recent strike in the 1994-95 season occurred due to the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) refusing to accept a salary cap, as owners hoped to use one for revenue sharing. The result: the cancellation of the rest of the 1994 season, including the first canceled World Series in 90 years. Back to the current lockout, owners are hoping that a lockout will speed up the process of implementing a new CBA.

“Many big-name free agents, like Carlos Correa, are deciding upon teams. With the lockout teams are unable to improve their rosters, and it is just rumors at this point,” said Matthew Foley (‘24).

The free agency process, along with trades, have been postponed indefinitely until an agreement can take place. With many foreseeing the lockout, there was a barrage of free agent signings, including stars Max Scherzer and Starling Marte to the mets. Still, many players are left questioning what city they will be in next year. While this lockout seems tedious, it could bring significant change to the league. 

“One positive outcome that I hope happens from this lockout would be to create a salary cap, so it reduces super teams like the Yankees and Dodgers. This makes it less advantageous to bigger market teams,” said Foley.

Money is the main issue of this lockout. Players want better salaries, especially for younger players, to make more competitive matchups, while owners want to maintain what the expiring CBA contract had. 

“I like how the players association is aiming to end rebuilding because it makes the league more competitive and unpredictable which is great for the players and fans,” said Kreider.