Fall brings refreshing fashion to campus

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  • ASB president and stylist, Chloe Peisner wears a plaid skirt. She’s keeping warm for the fall with layered tops and fishnets.

  • Olivia Prevost and Kyle Bedell rock outfits for the fall. Olivia is wearing red Zappos with unique lace fishnets, while Kyle is wearing a trendy orange flannel paired with a beanie.

  • Kyle Bedell sports his fully hand-made leather jacket. It’s customized with studs and pins collected from record labels.

Paola Reynaga, Staff Writer

Weather is starting to change, and so is the streetwear.  Over the years, fashion has become increasingly diverse, a change evident here at Amador.

“I definitely see a lot of cool outfits at Amador every day, especially after quarantine too. I think a lot of people have gained the confidence to wear what they want to now.  I’d say there’s a lot of less basic outfits and a lot of fun colors and patterns and styles that I’ve never seen before. It’s really cool how people are showing individuality, ” said stylist and ASB president Chloe Peisner (‘22).

After the pandemic, many students found new inspiration, self-confidence, and aesthetics. Thrift stores in the area like Savers, Goodwill, and Plato’s Closet carry a mix of old and new trends and have become a go-to for many students.

“The places where I really find interesting items are thrift stores.  What inspired my sense of style the most are Gossip Girl the original and reboot. Their fashion sense has been one of my favorites.  I really just like to take pieces from the media and base outfits off of that,” said Olivia Prevost (’23).

For many people, the way they dress is a way to outwardly express their inner selves. Creative outfits take inspiration from people’s passions and interests. Some students, such as Kyle Bedell, customize their own items.

“With my shirts, [it’s] mostly record labels.  If I like a band I’ll look at the record label and buy clothes based on that. If I like a movie I’ll find out who produced the movie and buy things from that company.  As far as the jackets, I make all of them myself. The music I listen to inspired my sense of style the most,” said Bedell

Everyone has their own source of inspiration. Over time, that inspiration sprouts into unique versions that accommodate oneself. For instance, Peisner’s passion for fashion came from her roots.

I feel like people are always worried about what other people think but when you start to not worry about what they think, you can have more fun with your style and do your own thing

— Olivia Prevost ('23)

“What got me into fashion was my mom because she’s very stylish and I’ve always loved all her clothes. From a very young age I would just raid her closet and take all her stuff and make outfits.  It just turned into something I’ve become very passionate about,” said Peisner

Many students at Amador Valley thrive embracing their fashion sense.  Some might still be experimenting and growing into their sense of style. 

“For people who are interested in looking for new styles, just go on your explore page on Instagram and look at fun photos, or celebrities in the past, or find a show you think has a really cool style.  Kind of base it off of that and have fun,” said Prevost.

Confidence is key to expressing your truest style. 

Cynthia Reynaga