San Francisco Giants legend Buster Posey announces retirement


Thomas Kim

Buster Posey won his first World Series in 2010 against the Texas Rangers.

Thomas Kim, AVT Editor

After 12 years in the MLB with the San Francisco Giants, Buster Posey has announced his retirement. He’s decided to end his MLB career due to the physical strain of playing baseball along with desiring more family time. 

“I grew up watching Buster Posey play baseball, and he was one of the reasons that inspired me to play baseball,” said Amador baseball player Ethan Jackson (‘23)

Posey ended his baseball career with a stack of accolades, including being a 3 time World Series Champion, seven-time all-star, 2012 NL MVP, 2010 ROY, and more. With his abundance of accomplishments, he is expected to be inducted into the Hall of Fame when eligible in 5 years.

“In my eyes, he should definitely be in the Hall of Fame with all of his individual and team accomplishments that made me model my game after him,” said Jackson.

Posey decided to opt out of the 2020 pandemic season due to health concerns for his newly adopted twins with compromised immune systems, and along with the physical toll of being a catcher, it helped further cement his decision to retire after the 2021 season.  

“The thing I most respect about Posey is his love for the game. I’ve always admired his hard work and his skills on and off the field… I was sometimes disappointed he played for a rival team,” said Dodgers fan Jordan Haynes (‘24).

Posey was not only respected by his teammates and the Giants organization, but by teams and fans all over the country. The Giants have left an offer to Posey on the table for a position within the organization, displaying his impact on the Giants and MLB as a whole. 

“The thing I’ll miss the most about Posey retiring is definitely the competition. I would always be on the edge of my seat when watching the Dodgers and Giants play… and I am saddened and excited that he has retired,” said Haynes (‘24).