Game review: Call of Duty Vanguard


Jack Beresford-Howe

The map hotel royale is an unspecified battle taking place in Paris.

Jack Beresford-Howe, Staff Writer

On November 5th, Call of Duty: Vanguard released and fans started the grind for Weapon challenges, such as 100 eliminations, and leveling up their accounts to unlock as much as possible. This year, players are excited about something new. Sledgehammer Games announced they will be doing Campaign and Multiplayer modes, letting Treyarch focus on Zombies. 


Zombies is a mode where you fight the undead solo or with friends. Traditionally, each round more zombies attack with increasing strength. This year, Call of Duty launched without a round-based zombies map for the first time since 2008, and instead opting for an outbreak mode. 


The test weekend (alpha) and the Preplay week (beta) for a game’s multiplayer mode is thought of as a right of passage for a successful game. The Beta and alpha for multiplayer were perceived extremely differently. On one hand, the test weekend only had Champion Hill, which is a tournament of 2v2’s and had some hackers and bugs. When the Beta came out, I had a Normal Call of Duty team deathmatch. This was more enjoyable, with better pacing and no hackers.


Finally, we have a campaign mode. This was Sledgehammer Games’ chance for redemption, and they delivered. One of the first missions is a train battle where players jump from car to car, attacking the Axis powers. For the most part, people love the campaign, saying it is a must-play and extremely fun.


In the end, I would recommend Call of Duty Vanguard to those who like multiplayer, first person shooter games and fun campaigns. I stayed up till 10pm to play the game and it was worth it. This WWII FPS shows the battles of WWII such as D-day in incredible graphics and colors.

It could have become the best selling ever if it had a main storyline, round-based zombies game mode, and more in common with past Call of Duties. However, Vanguard’s lively multiplayer is the redemption Call of Duty needs.