Girls Volleyball triumphs over Foothill on Senior Night


Thomas Kim

Amador Valley overtook Foothill in the EBAL rankings last week with their well-earned victory.

Thomas Kim, AVT Editor

Amador Valley’s girls volleyball team upset rival Foothill for the second time this season in a 3-1 victory on Senior Night. 

“Winning on senior night not only meant better seating at NCS, but it also meant a lot that our team worked really hard and really wanted us seniors to have a great night,” said Ella Hodges (‘22).

Before the game, Foothill was ranked 1st in EBAL, while Amador was ranked 4th. Thursday’s victory over the number one ranked team should translate to a boost in their rankings, especially after beating them twice. 

“It was extremely important for the team, especially since we were playing our rivals. There were a lot of emotions and high energy in the beginning of the night, and I feel like that translated positively into the game,” said Camille Ernst (‘22).

There was a high turnout of both Amador and Foothill fans in a high stakes game which contributed to the overall exciting energy in the gym. There was bickering back and forth between fans, especially with Foothill winning the first set, portraying the feel of a true rivalry game. 

“After the first set, we were just really shocked at the outcome of people and didn’t know how to channel that energy, but once we adapted and got through the nerves of a senior night rivalry game and everything riding on it, it was a really fun game,” said Hodges.

Amador came back to win three straight sets, with the set scores being 22-25 Foothill, 22-25 Amador, 19-25 Amador, and 25-27 Amador. After the victory, students stormed the court to celebrate the rivalry victory.

“It was great to beat Foothill not once, but twice, when they were basically undefeated in league,” said Hodges

The victory was a huge testament to the resilience and teamwork of the team, as they supported each other after an unfavorable start to earn the victory in the end. 

“The team dynamic is incredible, and I love all of these girls so much. I specifically enjoyed our pre-game rituals this season, as they would energize us and mentally prepare us for every game,” said Ernst