Girls tennis team is owning the courts with an undefeated season


Ys Nguyen

The AV girls after their first meet of the season.

Matthew Carter, AVT EIC

As of right now, Amador’s girls tennis team remains undefeated since the season began. It’s very rare for a team to achieve such an accomplishment, especially for a team who plays as often as tennis does.

“I think we have a really solid team this year all the way around. Not only are our singles good, but all our doubles lines are able to stay strong. Also it helps that we have a few extra players, so if someone gets hurt, we still have strong players as back up,” said Maryam Suratwala (‘22).

Some of the match ups this year have been close. More than once the girls were close to letting their victory streak slip away, but they played like champions and held on. 

“Our closest match has definitely been against Monte Vista. So far all of our matches have been pretty easy but Monte Vista was really difficult and this was the first time I actually lost my match individually. But Sarah Yang really pulled through, her match was actually postponed because it was too dark and we don’t have tennis lights. Eventually we pulled through and we won,” said Ys Nguyen (‘23).

The first day of the Monte Vista match had ended in a 4-4 tie, but that tie was broken by a 5-4 victory after the postponement. The overall success of the girls lies in their ability to work as a well-rounded team.

The key to their victories

“I think teamwork definitely plays an important part in being on the tennis team. Because there are a lot of people on the team, and some people don’t get to play but that doesn’t mean they haven’t contributed to our success. Every single person on the team in some way, whether that just be playing on the court or even just being there to mentally support us has definitely helped,” said Nguyen.

With the season coming to an end next month, the girls have almost earned the triumph of a completely undefeated season for the second year in a row. Each season eight schools are played two times each, making a total of sixteen matches. 

“One of my best matches was against Cal High because my doubles partner and I were really working well together and we were able to set each other up to make great points. It was fun because my partner would hit a serve in the corner, which forced our opponents back and they tended to hit down the line which gave a perfect opportunity to hit a killer volley,” said Suratwala.