Planners have landed at Amador


Anaita Mistry

Students can pick up their planners outside the library or at the student activities desk at the office.

Anaita Mistry, AVT Page Editor

The long awaited day has arrived — our AVHS planners are in! After weeks of delayed shipment, the 2021-2022 school year planners have arrived.

“I think they just were kinda prioritizing COVID-19 issues so this was set back along with a lot of other things,” said Isabella Gentile (‘22).

Earlier this year students were told that planners were to be delivered mid-September. The date was pushed back to sometime in November, but now the wait is now over. While the distribution process is still to be determined, some teachers have told their students to just stop by the library to receive them. Many students have done so, picking up their planners near the library during brunch and lunch. 

“I think [the method of distribution] is disorganized. They said they were going to give us our planners, but they still haven’t given them to us,” said Annie Becker (‘22).

Additionally some students may find it difficult to transition back to using their student planners if they have been using online platforms or their own planners to complete work. During the last few months, with increasing delays, the school offered an online planner. Because of the alternatives students were forced to find, many may not feel the need for a school planner anymore.

“I definitely have a system in place with my organization, but I’ve always liked the school planners so I don’t really mind starting over if they did end up giving them to us,” said Gentile (‘22).

Hopefully students who need their planners but don’t have them yet receive them soon. For now we can celebrate finally receiving what COVID-19 kept from us.