The student pizza line is out of control


Sara Kracke

A huge group of students in the line squeeze their way to the small window to get their pizza.

Sara Kracke, Photo Editor

There have been numerous complaints regarding the pizza lunch line. The constant shoving from groups trying to get in front of the line angers students who have been waiting patiently.

“The lunch line takes 25 minutes, [sometimes] even to the end of the lunch period, just to get a slice of pizza … [and] half of the time they even run out of pizza. It’s just annoying because [some students] like to go up front and cut the entire line, shoving and pushing everyone,” said Jasmine Jew (‘22).

One major problem is the current lunch line set-up. There’s no staff member present to monitor what goes on, making it very easy to cut to the front. Due to this, line-jumpers are not held responsible for their behavior.

“Since lunch is free this year we have a lot more students buying lunch from the pizza only line. If a group of students …see their friends, they decide it is okay [to cut]…even if it means they are cutting the line. I don’t think this is fair for the people who have to wait longer or use their entire lunch to get food [even though they were there first,] said Edison Hammond (‘22).

Although it is tempting to barge in front of the line for a longer lunch with one’s friends, that does not make it okay to disregard the students patiently waiting in the line, wanting the same thing. For a better environment in the future, what we need now is supervision and just plain respect.