Food Review: Cali Kid Burgers N’ Shakes


Alex Wu

Cali Kid Burgers N’ Shakes combines perfect presentation and taste in their foods.

Alex Wu, Staff Writer

Anybody who is tired of ordinary burger restaurants with dimmed lights and stuffy atmosphere should try Cali Kid Burgers & Shakes. It is a new, modern restaurant that breaks the traditional concept of a burger restaurant.

The restaurant

Choosing black and green as its theme colors, Cali Kid is decorated with large french windows covering two walls, which give the store bright lighting. Its simple furniture is clean and fresh, heightening appetites.

Walking into the store, you’ll immediately feel welcomed by the open bar tables and cashiers ready to take your order. Three huge screens display the food options, but the cashiers will patiently explain the menu to you if you have no idea what to order.

The menu

The menu is short but classic for a burger joint, covering delicious hamburgers, salads, snacks, and drinks.

For hamburgers, their signature item, choose from three patties and six styles. Take your time to read the menu and find out the best of eighteen combinations that you like, or ask the cashiers for advice.

The taste

Personally, I would recommend the crispy portobello patty and the Hangover-Helper. The crispy portobello is a patty made of fresh mushrooms with an attractive umami flavor. The Hangover-Helper adds tabasco into the combination, bringing new flavors to compliment the taste of mushrooms and giving the burger an explosive taste.

The Strawberry Shortie is one of Cali Kid’s best shakes. It has a strong taste of milk stirred in sweet strawberry pieces. Upon taking the first sip, you’ll find a fascinating flavor that will make you forget your diet plan completely.

Besides the burgers and shakes, other dishes such as onion rings and taco salad are also highly recommended. No matter what you order, Cali Kid’s foods are perfect in both taste and appearance. 

The verdict

The only way to experience Cali Kid’s mouth-watering meals for yourself is to head to 4587 Livermore Outlets Drive in Livermore. Just a fifteen minute drive from our school, Cali Kid is the perfect place to try on your own or with a group of friends.

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  • You can’t go wrong with the classic combination of a burger, a shake, and side snack.

  • The crispy portobello burger patty with a side of fries makes for a delicious lunch.

  • Onion rings paired with ketchup complete the experience.

  • Their bags are filled to the brim with freshly fried and golden onion rings.

  • Irresistible rings are savory with the perfect crunch.

  • Cali Kid’s strawberry shake goes above and beyond with a donut hole through the straw.

  • Besides milkshakes, they also offer refreshing lemonades and iced teas.

  • Find burgers and drinks at reasonable prices at Cali Kid.

  • Grab a seat inside or outside at this new burger establishment in Livermore.