Senior Picnic at Hurricane Harbor

Alex Wu, Staff Writer

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  • After an hour on the bus, students approach Hurricane Harbor from the parking lot. From here, all the structures in the water park can be seen at a glance.

  • The entrance line is very long, and students have to wait an irritating amount of time to get to the water park.

  • Students walk into the park after changing, excited to enjoy the fun rides, stores, and delicious snacks and hot food.

  • Walking in, you can see the fountain at a first glance. A wrecked boat at the center of the fountain is a reminder that it is a water park.

  • At the Breaker Beach Wave Pool, students challenge the powerful artificial waves in a pool on swimming floats.

  • At the Tournado facility, students are flushed down with water, experiencing a free wall with their friends.

  • There are many facilities in the water, and it is tempting to stay overnight, though it is imperative that the students return home.