Why it’s important to clean up your act online


Alex Wu

Snapchat, like many other social media apps, can be inspected by colleges and companies.

Alex Wu, Senior Staff Writer

Be careful of your speeches online! Colleges and companies may look at your online speech before they decide to accept or hire you.

“I think that colleges are looking at applicant’s personalities and their values. They would use those to determine whether or not the students are fitting to the college’s values,” said Sam Zhang (22’).

In their essays and resume, students only show their good sides whereas on social media, students often reveal their true colors. Unlike GPAs or sport awards, which authenticities can be verified, applicants can easily lie about their character.

“I think they are geniuses. If you wanna understand more about the person, check out their choices,” said life science teacher Turner Bull, praising colleges and companies for their tactics.

Students are more likely to discuss politics, complain about their frustrations, or even attack people they don’t like on social media. All of these will be seen by the college, being added into the consideration of application. Top colleges such as Harvard University even rescind their acceptance of students due to their inappropriate social media posts.

Surprisingly, many students from Amador Valley High School are unaware that colleges have the power to do so. This may be very risky when it comes to college applications. 

“Students are instantaneous — they don’t understand the long term effect of their act online, whether about future opportunities, or influence of their current relationships,” said Turner-Bull.