Professional sports going back to 100% capacity


The Oakland A’s faced off against the San Francisco Giants in the Battle of the Bay series at a packed Oakland Coliseum.

Thomas Kim, AVT Editor

After a long year of watching sports at home, many professional sports are back at full capacity.  

“I like the decision of getting more fans back into stadiums because the experience of going to a baseball game is light and fun even though it can get intense at times. I not only get to spend time with friends and family, but I get to cheer with other passionate fans,” said A’s fan Tyler Kubo (‘23)

As of July 2021, all MLB stadiums have been set at full capacity of fans, following a short season with limited attendance numbers. With the decision in late June 2021, the NFL has also announced 100% capacity for all 30 teams in the 2021-22 season. 

“It’s great having fans in attendance to motivate and support your team because it brings an exciting energy that is one of a kind,” said Chicago Bears fan Parker Brookhart (‘24).

The NBA has yet to officially approve full capacity for their 30 teams, but it is still likely to happen with the way other sports are moving forward. Many stadiums, indoor and outdoor, have implemented a mask policy. 

“I think the NBA and indoor stadiums should fully open because there are many safety precautions, such as testing and the vaccine, to keep moving forward with progress. I also think masks are a great way to slow the spread at games. Sports are a great way to help transition back to a pre-covid life,” said Lakers fan Jackson DeVoe (‘23)

Sports games have the power to bring people together by creating experiences and memories that cannot be replicated by sitting in front of a T.V. screen.

“I was at the Giants vs. Astros game, and I saw Jose Altuve hit a grand slam. As I was cheering, all the Giants fans were booing at me, but it was great to actually be in the stands and see all the Giants fans mad” said Astros fan Oliver De La Torre (‘23).