Raiders fans now required to be vaccinated at home games


Fans are now officially required to show proof of vaccination at the Raiders stadium in Las Vegas.

Mandy Wong, AVT Editor-in-Chief

Last Monday, the Las Vegas Raiders announced that all eligible fans must be vaccinated to attend home games at Allegiant Stadium. Fans must display proof of full or partial vaccination on the CLEAR mobile app.

Reactions to the vaccine requirement are mixed. Much like the athletes themselves, fans disagree over the issue of vaccinations. 

“I think it’s a step in the right direction. When you look at hospitalizations, like what – 99% of cases are unvaccinated,” said AV history teacher and Raiders fan Antonio Yovino. “It’s a good step in the right direction for public health and it’s a good step in the right direction to ensure that it’s really important to get the vaccine.”

The Raiders, who relocated out of Oakland in 2020, are the first NFL team to announce a vaccine requirement for fans, perhaps setting a precedent for other sports teams. 

“I believe you are going to see more and more [vaccine requirements]…especially when the NBA starts, because that’s all indoors, so maybe the Warriors will follow suit,” said Yovino.   

On game days, a pop-up clinic in the parking lot will provide vaccines to unvaccinated fans with tickets. 

“I’m for it. It’s a great opportunity for those who haven’t had access or have been hesitant,” said Yovino.

Additionally, the Raiders announced masks will not be required for those who are fully vaccinated, so fans need not worry about muffled cheers or yells. Though, face coverings will still be required for those who are partially vaccinated or children under age twelve.

Here at Amador, home games will be open to crowds again, with mask requirements for everyone. Whether it’s a team of professionals like the Raiders, or a team of highschool hopefuls, the live crowd is something athletes are looking forward to having back.

“Having no audience, you can’t get the energy levels [up] as much. It’s just better to have people there cheering you on,” said AV football player Nathan Albright (‘24).