Teachers show their support to students on the first day of school


Michael Boone

Teachers, wearing black and stickers, greeted and showed their support for Amador Valley students as they show up for the first day of school.

Yi (Steven) Yang and Zaynah Shah

On Wednesday, teachers showed up at the front of the school and greeted incoming students for the first day of school. 

Amador teachers wore black apparel with a “We Support Students” sticker, interacting with incoming students. Many kept on the black clothing and stickers throughout the day as well. 

“The purpose of the Amador teachers coming together is to show our support for Pleasanton students as a collective,” said Civics Teacher Samuel Weaver

In a positive gesture of solidarity, teachers signaled that they are supportive of the students of Amador Valley High School.

“We’re just trying to raise awareness that we feel Pleasanton students aren’t being supported as best they can and we want to bring this awareness back,” said Weaver

Teachers will not reproduce this event throughout the year.