Movie Review: “Operation Varsity Blues: College Admissions Scandal”

The film was released and is available on Netflix

Zachary Nicholas

The film was released and is available on Netflix

Yash Bachu, Staff Writer

“Operation Varsity Blues: College Admissions Scandal” is a documentary that informs the viewer about the largest college admissions scandal in America through the lens of the government.

The content

The documentary explains how wealthy parents get their children into prestigious schools. The parents live their dreams through the child”, and do so by bribing. Usually, money can buy you back door admissions for 10-20 million dollars but they may not even be guaranteed. However, one man, named Rick Singer, found a way to guarantee these admissions, creating a side door where recruiters were bribed to recruit wealthy applicants. The documentary also explores Singer’s background as a man who was driven and essentially a workaholic that developed the connections to pull off such a scheme through previous jobs. 

Why it’s a great film

The media coverage leading into the story portraying the scandal was very clever, as it let the viewer engage the severity of the scandal. The actors portray the individual parts of the scandal in a way that sheds a clear light on what really happened, by splitting the documentary between the acted portrayal of the scandal and analysis of professionals and those involved in the scandal.This provides various perspectives and creates a cohesive and intriguing understanding of the story. 


People that enjoy mystery, seeing various perspectives and are interested in the education/admissions process should watch this film.