Finals and AP studying tips from upperclassmen


Popular studying methods for juniors and seniors included looking back at notes, looking over the textbook, and using online resources such as Quizlet and Google Classroom.

Austin Coyne, Staff Writer

With AP Exams underway and finals starting this week, students have been reviewing material learned over the past year in many different ways. 

Juniors and seniors have shared their methods of studying and preparing for an important test. With 3 or 4 years of experience under their belt, they know their way around a final.

“Mostly [I suggest] doing questions and reviewing assignments on Google Classroom you’ve done in the past. Usually, when you see the assignment, you might think ‘oh yeah, I had trouble on this section’ and you might try to do more questions related to that section. Just redoing assignments helps me a lot,” said Avighna Kukreja (‘21)

Joshua Freeman (‘21) also explained how he looked over past work assignments. 

“I usually have notebooks and the work I’ve done on Google Drive and I just go over the documents that I’ve worked on and basically go over my work. I use the textbook as well,” said Freeman

Sarah Baer (‘22) discussed how she uses past assignments as well as other tools. 

“I usually go over my notes and all the content that we learned over the year. I use Quizlet flashcards a lot and I use the textbook if there’s a textbook for the class. And usually teachers will provide extra studying resources,” said Baer

Majida Jaouni (‘21) uses a similar method. 

“I usually find Quizlets and I just use flashcards to memorize vocab words and then I just study with friends a lot. It helps to get information from them and how they study too,” said Jaouni.