Joe Biden speaks on how vaccinations will affect the sports world


A recent interview with ESPN and Biden discussed topics like vaccinations, professional sports, and the MLB All-Star game.

Matthew Carter, AVT EIC

Sports and politics collided late in March when ESPN sat down with Joe Biden for an interview. Being a fan of baseball himself, Biden had a lot to say on the subject of stadiums opening up and athletes getting vaccinated.

According to Biden there are now “600 million vaccinations available”. With such a massive number of vaccines becoming available it should be easier for athletes returning to their sports to become vaccinated. Biden firmly believes that for things like sports to safely continue, everyone that can should get a vaccine.

“I’m president of the United States, I got vaccinated. I don’t have an unimportant job. Would I take the vaccine if I thought it was going to hurt me? Or affect my capacity?… we’re making progress, but we have to get to the point where enough people have taken the vaccine so that you’ve diminished exponentially the prospect of it being able to spread,” says Joe Biden.

With the opening of sports it becomes difficult for COVID precautions to continue to remain in place. The Texas Rangers stadium will be reopening to full capacity for their opening day, which means roughly 49,000 full seats.

“That’s a decision they’ve made, I think it’s a mistake. They should listen to Dr. Fauci, the scientists, and the experts. I think it’s not responsible,” says Biden.

The interview also touched on the recent bill passed in Georgia. The bill limits voters rights in Georgia and has sparked significant political controversy. Due to the hostile political environment currently circulating in Georgia, the MLB has considered moving the all star game somewhere else.

“I think today’s professional athletes are acting incredibly responsibly. I would strongly support them doing that. People look to them, they’re leaders… this is Jim Crow on steroids what they’re doing in Georgia,” says Biden.

It’s Biden’s belief that with all the things happening in sports right now, a certain responsibility falls on athletes. They’re “leaders” that people across the country look up to. Hopefully, when our heroes of the sports worlds begin to get their vaccines the rest of the world will follow.