AV students going back to school under new hybrid model


Students received an email on Wednesday informing them on which group they are in.

Yi (Steven) Yang, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, AV Students who selected the hybrid option received emails telling them what cohort group they will be in. It looks like students are going back to school. 

In the email, there is also an option to opt out of hybrid learning through this form, due by Monday, February 22. 

Tonight, the school board will vote and potentially approve a plan that will start the return to school on March 4. High school students, according to the plan, will return to school on March 11. 

There will also be an email sent to the students who chose hybrid learning detailing the safety precautions that the students as well as the school will take to keep everyone safe. 

However, not all students agree with the plan to return to school. 

“I think that hybrid learning should not take place until enough students in Pleasanton are vaccinated. Even though masks would be required, it is still possible that some students will not comply with such safety precautions. In a classroom environment, it would be difficult for students to interact with other students and the teacher due to these precautions,  so in my opinion remote learning should continue until people are vaccinated,” explained Siddharth Chittapuram (‘23).