NFL Postseason and how it will adapt to COVID-19

Madison Charbonneau, Photo EIC

During this unprecedented year, the NFL has set COVID-19 protocols for the 2020-2021 season. They are prioritizing wearing masks for all players, staff, and spectators. 

A mask or double-layered gaiter must be worn by players on the sidelines who do not substitute or are in the game and do not wear their helmets. In addition to the face shield, coaches who want to wear a face shield must also hold a face mask or double-layered gaiter.  

“I am glad that the NFL found a way to continue playing and keeping everyone safe. The season has been somewhat normal and was something I was able to look forward to,” said Trevor Cheng (‘21)

Super Bowl 55, happening in Florida, will be able to have spectators. NFL VP, Peter O’Reilly, announced that the Raymond James Stadium will have 14,5000 fans in attendance during the Super Bowl. The fans will be in pods spread out throughout the whole stadium and following the mandatory mask-wearing. The stadium will be providing all fans, vaccinated or not, with a K-95 mask. This will also be the first Super Bowl to have all mobile tickets and cashless purchases.  This year’s half-time show performer is The Weekend. The halftime show will look a little different this year and will focus more on the digital experience for those at home. 

“ I am very excited about this year’s Super bowl. I know a lot of people are looking forward to the Weekends halftime show, I bet it will be great,” said John Serrano (‘21).