Tom Brady makes it to his 10th Super Bowl


Robert Deutsch

Here Brady holds one of his many Super Bowl trophies for the New England Patriots.

Matthew Carter, AVT EIC

On February 7th, 2021, Tom Brady will be playing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl 55, marking his 10th ever superbowl to date. He’ll be playing against the Kansas City Chiefs for a chance to take home his 7th Super Bowl win. 

With last year’s victory under their belt the chiefs are still an incredibly talented team that will be tough to beat. But with Brady playing quarterback, the Buccaneers stand as an equally matched opponent.

“The Chiefs are the most stacked team in the league so Tampa is gonna have a hard time beating them. Even with Brady it’ll be tough, but they could stand a fighting chance,” says Evan Kent (22).

Before joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Brady played with the New England Patriots for 20 years. He led them to six super bowl victories, four of which he was named MVP (most valuable player). 

“I think people assumed he was too old to play, or that his team was the reason they made it into so many super bowls previously, but he proved a lot of people wrong when he made it back to the Super Bowl with a different team. Even if he’s less athletic because of age I think he’s still got a very strong mind and he would likely help Tampa by making smart plays, like he did with New England,” says Malhaar Nagaraj (22).

Brady has proved himself to be a very valuable asset to the Buccaneers, scoring 40 touchdowns and a total of 401 completions in the 2020 season alone. He’s already scored three touchdowns against the chiefs this season, and hopefully he can pull it off again to win his 7th superbowl.

“Making it to his tenth superbowl is a great accomplishment on its own, but winning it would be incredible. Especially after six past victories, which made him a record holding player for most super bowls,” says Kent.

Tampa Bay has played the chiefs thirteen times in NFL history, Tampa Bay with 7 wins and the Chiefs with 6.