New Mutation Rampant in the UK : Cases in the US

Arlina Yang, Junior Editor

Amidst the already upended world from COVID-19, another mutated variant of the virus known as B.1.1.7 have recently caused the third nationwide lockdown in the UK.

With Ireland and Scotland following suit with the lockdown measures, and the lockdown expecting to stay in full effect until at least the middle of February.

While cases continue to rise both in the UK and the US, Britain has recorded a daily high of 58,784 new cases due to the new variant. And the United States remained in the lead in both cases and death counts for months without stop.

Ever since the first appearance of the new coronavirus mutation in South East England, then spreading across London and all across the UK. And now, parts of the United States. 

The new variant is found first in Colorado in late December in a male Colorado National Guard member in his 20s, without any history of traveling. With the state of Florida coming after on December 31 after health officials there confirm a patient positive for B.1.1.7. And California next with officials reporting two cases in the east of Los Angeles and four in San Diego County, a total of six cases within the state.

Then New York, who soon reported their first case of the new strain in a 60-year-old man with no travel history. Lastly on January 5, Georgia detected the variant in an 18-year-old as well. Furthermore, the UK variant is detected in at least 37 countries and expected to be accountable for many cases in the future.

While the new mutation in the UK is estimated to be around 56 percent more contagious than COVID-19, the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines are not going to be effective against this variant that appeared only as of the recent months.

So there are still many unknown factors with this mutation left to uncover, as well as another variant named 501.V2 in South Africa that is driving the rebound of the disease.

Even though COVID-19 and all its mutations had thrown the world off its tracks, wearing masks correctly to protect both yourself and others against the spread of the virus.

Staying six feet away from others and avoiding crowds/social gatherings. With the efforts of everyone against the new mutations and coronavirus itself, the world will heal and slip back to normalcy one day.