Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Divorce: How will it affect their business and future


Jasmine Andrea

The well known couple has announced their plans to go their separate ways.

Jasmine Andrea, Junior Editor

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West are soon to be divorced. This will not only affect their family relations, but also their businesses.

“Kimye” has been having troubles for the latter years of their 7 year marriage. From Kim being robbed at gunpoint in Paris in 2016, to Kanye being in the hospital for exhaustion, and later being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, there are plenty of factors going into this divorce.

“Well, they haven’t filed for divorce yet and I feel like you never know with them since they haven’t actually spoken about it. They are controversial people but they’re also a power couple so it’s kind of sad that they have all of these issues,” said Carson Candler (‘22)

A power couple indeed, the two stars have a collective worth over $1.6 billion according to Forbes. They have a hefty collection of real estate around the country, including 2 multi-million dollar ranches in Wyoming, a multi-million dollar condo in Florida, and a mansion worth $60 million where they reside in Hidden Hills, CA.

How they will divide all of their properties in this impending divorce is unknown, but very important for their futures. Kardashian West reportedly has hired a well known divorce lawyer, Laura Wasser, who she worked with in her previous divorce from Kris Humphries.

According to Page Six, this specific divorce lawyer “is well known to advocate for her clients to negotiate and agree on a confidential settlement before any divorce papers are filed in court” which could be why the reality star has yet to publicly announce anything.

Although most media outlets have spoken about Kardashian West’s side, it is important to note that the feeling seems mutual on West’s side as well.

“They are just not on the same page when it comes to their future as a family,” an anonymous source revealed to the public.

Kardashian West is set on becoming a lawyer, following in the footsteps of her late father Rob Kardashian, while West is interested in going further into real estate and becoming a developer. However, West is still all over the place as he controversially ran for president this past election.

“I just wonder what Kim will do with her name. I think she would have to keep it so she doesn’t have to rebrand her makeup line and whatnot,” said Elise Solomon (‘23)

Referring to Kardashian West’s makeup line, KKW Beauty, of which her initials make up half of the brand name, there is still no information about her plans with her cosmetic company.

What held, and still holds, Kimye back from actually filing is their 4 children’s lives and the plausible negative impact it will have on them. So although the divorce is not set in stone, it is very likely to be announced sooner rather than later.