Varsity athletes losing their season and their credits


Varsity athlete’s may be the ones hurting the most when it comes to the cancelation of sports, but that can’t stop them from practicing on their own, and earning that letterman jacket.

Matthew Carter, Amador EIC

One of the biggest appeals that comes with participating in school sports is the chance to compete as a varsity athlete. Normally, varsity athletes are able to earn sports credits and get scouted for scholarship opportunities. With the absence of our competitive sports, at the moment these things seem nearly impossible.

“I think our team will be willing to adapt to anything and do whatever needs to be done to resume practicing. I just hope that we are able to start playing again, and regardless of adjustments that need to be made to do that, I am confident in this team’s ability to be flexible and adapt to whatever the situation may be,” says Kai Burgermesiter, (‘22).

The opportunities to compete let alone train have been scarce. While seniors on varsity are trying to make the most of what they have of a year, junior athletes still have hope for next year.

“Last year I played varsity water polo and it was awesome and me and the rest of the team were ready for next year’s season. I really wish I could play this year with the rest of the amador water polo team. Having covid restricted a lot during practice and our season this year and we can’t really call it a season at all. But we need to stay safe and healthy,” says Dustin Schmidt, (‘22).

Despite lack of opportunities for many, some athletes persevered and began training on their own. Through the use of some Amador sports camps as well as solo training, athletes have been able to prepare themselves for any future competitions they might be able to have.

“As a varsity athlete, not being able to compete has been kind of a love-hate thing for me. It has been really nice to be able to solely focus on my training without the stress of racing, but as a senior I am struggling with the fact that I will never be able to race in my high school colors after this year,” says Euan Houston (‘21).

Unable to compete and unable to earn sports credits, varsity athletes are overall being robbed of a valuable season. Even with the lack of practice, that won’t stop varsity athletes from training on their own and continue to practice with a varsity level skill set.