Amador community participates in “Let them Play” rally to try and get school sports back


Students got together with signs to raise awareness and spread their message.

Matthew Carter, Amadon EIC

The “Let them Play” rally was a gathering that recently took place outside of Amador where athletes, students, and parents alike got together to try and spread the word of how much they want their sports back. Rally members created signs and sported their spirit wear in an attempt to get looks and honks from cars passing by.

Our school’s rally was not the first. The “Let them Play” rallys, organized by high school sports supporter Sasha Greyson Kelly have been taking place for high schools all across California. Hopefully Kelly and supporting athletes will get their message across and get us our school sports back

“I think this movement will probably be pretty effective considering the amount of people who took part across california, and it’s hard for the governor to ignore such a large group of people fighting for their cause,” says Evan Kent (‘22).

The overall purpose of the event was to show how many people truly believed that student athletes should be allowed to play their sports. In this COVID filled world full of cancelations sports are one of the things people rely on the most.

“Waterpolo right now serves as a gateway to a socialization during a period of time where most are not able to see others outside of their household. So being able to have that time to socialize with others can have a huge affect on supporting mental health. Being able to play sports right now would also allow kids to stay in shape for when their actual season comes versus having to start fresh after months and months or even a year which would be extremely relieving,” says Jack McDowell (‘23).

While a small number of AV sports are back to practicing through socially distanced camps, many sports have either missed or are missing their seasons. 

“I’m struggling with the fact that I will never be able to race in my high school colors after this year,” says Euan Houston (‘21).