School sports back to practicing in camps


School sports are slowly making their comeback through socially distanced practices in school approved sports camps.

Matthew Carter, Amadon EIC

Slowly but surely, AV sports are coming back to practice. Through district approved camps, athletes are able to practice their sports while socially distancing. Sports that have been practicing in these camps include water polo, cross country, and band. With luck, more sports will follow.

“I think our team will be willing to adapt to anything and do whatever needs to be done to resume practicing,” says Kai Burgermesiter (‘22).

The athletes have had to adapt by doing their best to stay six feet apart and wearing masks throughout the majority of their practice. They also have to fill out forms for each practice fulfilling a number of requirements to confirm they’re healthy and COVID-free. 

“Personally, practicing in sports camps has been very similar to what practice looked like in years past. The main difference for me is not being able to use the weight room which is usually a vital aspect of our training. Also, for most of 2020 our group sizes were much smaller than usual which meant it was difficult for teammates to generate motivation and train at their highest level,” says Euan Houston (‘21).

EBAL has decided that the official sports seasons will begin on January 25th, but only if Pleasanton’s shelter in place has been lifted by then. If that doesn’t happen, sports camps will continue until it does. All these decisions have been made in regard to the season 1 sports. The start dates or strategies of going about the rest of the sports are still undecided.

“I just hope that we are able to start playing again, and regardless of adjustments that need to be made to do that, I am confident in this team’s ability to be flexible and adapt to whatever the situation may be,” says Burgermeister

No matter when athletes are allowed to go back to their sports and compete, all decisions are being made with the interest of all athlete’s overall health. These sports camps are a great way to keep our favorite sports going in the midst of the pandemic.