Pleasanton small businesses spreading joy during this unusual holiday season


Jasmine Andrea

Christmas cookies at Primrose Bakery include a variety of decorated shortbread.

Jasmine Andrea, Junior Editor

The most wonderful time of the year has finally arrived in this offbeat year of 2020. Although the new stay-at-home order will run through some important holidays, Pleasanton small businesses have not quit on us yet and are offering some holiday cheer.

There is no doubt that the holidays feel different this year, but to keep some normalcy, Pleasanton’s small businesses have kept their tradition of preparing customers for whatever holiday they celebrate, especially when it comes to gift-giving.

Good Common Sense

“We make sure to prepare gift sets for anyone you can possibly think of because there is a product for everyone,” said Wendy Schulte, co-founder of Good Common Sense. 

Good Common Sense, brought to Main Street just June of last year, is a handmade natural skincare and more shop. And to get in the Christmas spirit they even created a new line of products with Christmas scents, along with their plethora of sets.

“Pretty much all of our gift sets have special savings and for convenience, we gift wrap all of our gift sets,” continued Schulte.

The value sets give you more bang for your buck which is very generous considering the situation of our world, but it is the holidays!

A Christmas tree stands tall in the window of Good Common Sense at 614 Main Street. (Jasmine Andrea)

Another small business that focuses on spreading joy and positivity, even in the absence of the holidays, is KaurAndMore, run by an Amadon herself.

“I post on my Instagram cute messages and cute quotes,” said Achint Kaur ‘23, founder of KaurAndMore.

Along with that, she creates uplifting phone wallpapers, stickers, and more. Her business is a perfect example of spreading joy year-round.

Primrose Bakery

Gifts aren’t the only thing that give the holidays the glorious title of the most wonderful time of the year. The food, mainly the treats and desserts, are just as special, and Primrose Bakery knows that.

“Around the holidays we bake a bunch of holiday favorites—yule logs, pies, cakes, cookies, you name it,” said Jessica Eiland, owner of Primrose Bakery

These goodies are arguably the best and they only come out once a year. Where better to get them from than a small, authentic bakery in the heart of Pleasanton?

In the spirit of giving, it’s also important to give back to the people in need during the holidays, and that is proven by the jump in donations and different ways to safely give back this year.

A great place to find special gifts? Check. A great place to get a holiday treat? Check. A great way to give back to those in need? Check.

Primrose Bakery, 350 Main Street, has decorations all over that can be seen through the window. (Jasmine Andrea)

Pleasanton’s quaint downtown has not yet been overrun by too many big corporations, and to keep this from happening in the future it is important to support these local businesses, they provide something special especially during the holidays.