49ers temporarily relocating for next two home games


The San Francisco 49rs play the Buffalo Bills in Week 12 at the State Farm Stadium in Arizona.

Jasmine Andrea, Staff Writer

The rise in COVID-19 cases in California has affected the only Bay Area football team. Although there have been no fans in the stadium during home games, the pandemic has caused them to relocate for at least their next two home games.

They will be playing at the Arizona Cardinal’s State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona against the Buffalo Bills as well as the Washington Football Team.

They are not scheduled to play at home until the new year, as their subsequent games are away. Depending on how strict Santa Clara County is by then will determine where their next home games take place.

“It’ll definitely be a little weird since it won’t feel like a home game for the fans or the team, but better than not playing at all,” said Amador alumnus Ari Solomon (‘19)

The Cardinals are welcoming when it comes to accommodating their NFC West rivals, but having to move and make yet another change is impacting the San Francisco team.

Head coach, Kyle Shanahan, disliked the fact that there was no discussion with him or his team about the decision to move them all to Arizona, and none of the players are happy about leaving their families during the holidays.

“It’s good that they’re taking necessary precautions…this may actually be a good thing for the Niners,” said Bryce Nohava (‘23).

Indeed it may be, because the 49ers’ current record at home is 1-4 while away they are 4-2. In theory, this could be the boost they need to push through to the playoffs.

Since homefield advantage hasn’t really been aiding the 49ers anyway, the faithful are hopeful that their team will pull through and use this unprecedented situation as an advantage. We will see how the Niners handle this unique situation in the coming weeks.