What 2020-2021 school sports will look like according to CIF

What 2020-2021 school sports will look like according to CIF

Matthew Carter, AVT EIC

After months of cancelations and delays, the California Interscholastic Federation finally seems to have made some permanent decisions regarding sports during the 2020-2021 school year. In a letter recently released to the PUSD, the CIF confirmed no official school sports seasons will be allowed to start until January 1st, 2021 at the earliest. The official dates on when student-athletes can go back to practice are on hold until updated guidance is issued.

“I think that it’s really unfortunate that people have ignored guidelines to the point that we were in a situation where we were able to return to sports but people getting too comfortable led to another surge which prohibits us from playing the sports we love,” says boys water polo player Jack Mcdowell (‘23).

False hopes about sports have been up in the air for months, with both practices and competitions being scheduled, rescheduled, and canceled. When sports do eventually make their return, it’s been decided there will be no regional or state competitions for season 1 sports. Removing these selective and limited events is meant to allow teams to enjoy as much of a season as they can in the time they get. 

“It’s sad that we don’t get to race like usual, but it’s being done for a reason and keeping everyone healthy, so I guess it’s a good thing too,” says cross country runner Leo Jenson (‘22).

All actions being taken by the CIF are in the interest of student health and safety. The recent spike in COVID  cases and the potential for even more cases is the cause behind many of the major changes going on in sports right now. On top of season 1 sports being postponed, boys volleyball has actually been turned into a season 2 sport for this year to avoid the loss of a second full season.

“I’m disappointed, but at the same time I kind of expected this to happen. It’s a shame that t’s getting pushed back, but I’m happy we’ll get to play at all. At this point I’m just hoping we can be able to play at all this year because I have no idea what is going to happen next year.” says boys volleyball player Ethan Gray (‘22).