Netflix releases Shawn Mendes documentary: ‘In Wonder’


Madison Charbonneau

“In Wonder’ was released on November 23, 2020, on Netflix.

Madison Charbonneau, Editor-in-Chief

At the age of 16, Shawn Mendes made his first debut as the youngest artist on the Top 25 Billboard Hot 100, with his single Life is a Party. Since then, Shawn has been on three world tours and made three number one albums. 

Mendes, now 22-years old, released his first-ever documentary on Netflix in late November called ‘Shawn Mendes: In Wonder’.In Wonder’, directed by Grant Singer, follows the Grammy-nominated singer and gives insight into his rise to fame, his everyday life on tour, and his ongoing relationship with Camila Cabello. 

“I have been waiting for his documentary to come out for so long! It is so exciting that it comes out days before his new album too”, said Miranda Bohen (‘23).  

To begin, the documentary opens with a live show and Mendes getting ready to take the stage. Mendes begins to talk in a voice-over about having no room for error. He explains, “The ego comes rushing in, and it goes ‘Don’t mess up

This monologue sets the tone for the documentary that Mendes struggles with being seen as just a human being. The film takes a closer look at the nine-month tour across the world, with 104 shows in 2019.   

Furthermore, fans get the inside scoop about Mendes and Cabello’s romance and how lovestruck they both are. Mendes shares how they first met and how their years of friendship blossomed into a relationship. He also reveals how Cabello has inspired many of his songs throughout the years of their friendship. 

“I did not like the parts with Camilla, but I enjoyed being able to see how Shawn was around her”, said Miranda Bohen (‘23).

Throughout the film, short clips give teasers to Mendes’s next album. It also shows the progression of different songs and how they get produced.

Mendes shares his struggles with anxiety and how he has learned different ways to handle his attacks. Mendes faces a temporary set back when he loses his voice on the last leg of his tour in San Paulo. 

The documentary ends with his biggest show yet, at the Roger Centre, in his hometown of Toronto.  Mendes expresses how important this show is as people in his everyday life, from his doorman to his coffee guy, were going to attend the show.

“I personally really loved it! I love everything Shawn does and I hope we get another documentary in the future”, said Miranda Bohen (‘23).