New Star Wars Teaser Released

A poster for the movie.

Jacob Baer, Staff Writer

May 10, 2015

The widely popular “Star Wars” movie series from the 70’s to the early 2000’s is now back! In October 2012, Disney bought out the company Lucasfilm, and announced that they would be making a “Star Wars: Episode VII” in the near future. According to USAToday, “The buyout is Disney...

Grey’s Anatomy death leaves audiences heartbroken

Grey's Anatomy death leaves audiences heartbroken

Natalia Rehman, Staff Writer

May 8, 2015

It was the most shocking moment in Grey's history. It left millions of fans in utter disbelief. It was the death of Dr. Derek Shepherd also known as "McDreamy"; he was a main character. He passed, in the episode titled "How to save a life?" released April 23rd. The character was hit in a car crash ...

NCAA Tournament Recap

NCAA Tournament Recap

Zach Stubbs, Staff Writer

April 23, 2015

This years NCAA Tournament provided fans with excitement, intensity, controversy and fun, all culminating in a wild Championship Game and finish to America’s most beloved Tournament.  The Regular Season also provided us with much entertainment and anticipation, leading up to the NCAA Tournament, or...

Fueling Passion- A Rise in Student Activism

Hannah Scarborough, Online Editor, Staff Writer

March 25, 2015

As adolescents, we are passionate people. We are constantly learning, constantly changing, constantly becoming different. We are sponges of ideas and knowledge. But all this passion and inspiration must go somewhere. How should high-school students, no matter how old or how high one’s SAT score is,...

Emily Parks, Staff Writer

March 15, 2015

Science is constantly changing and advancing. Scientists have been experimenting with using artificial insemination, using sperm that was frozen then thawed, to develop animals. One of the recent results of artificial insemination is a penguin at Sea World. Dr. O’Brien, the Sea World Reproductive...

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