Esha Shah
Esha Shah is an Editor-in-Chief for Amador’s broadcast show, AVTV. She has been in the AV Journalism class for 2 years so far, and is excited for the year ahead and all the challenges that may come with it, especially due to remote learning. She enjoys making segments and anchoring on the show, and hopes to be a good leader to the staff writers and editors in the class.

Esha loves reading the news and learning about current events, politics, and the government. In her free time, Esha enjoys driving around with friends, watching TV, and listening to music. She also considers herself to be a decent baker, and is always happy to make snacks for anyone who wants them. She works as a barista at Starbucks, runs a school club with friends, and is the co-founder of an organization to provide information on current events ( In the future, she plans to go to college and pursue a degree in public health.

Esha Shah, AVtv Editor-in-Chief

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Esha Shah