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The student news site of Amador Valley High School


The student news site of Amador Valley High School


The student news site of Amador Valley High School


US-China relations have evolved from initial engagement and cooperation to a complex and often tense relationship characterized by economic competition, geopolitical rivalry, and strategic disagreements.

Panda diplomacy: How have pandas become a symbol of the deteriorating relationship between China and the US?

Arlina Yang, Senior Staff Writer May 30, 2023

Panda diplomacy, also known as panda politics, is a practice that involves gifting giant pandas from China to other countries as a symbol of friendship and goodwill. Despite the brewing conflicts between...

A significant number of students set to graduate in 2023 and 2024 are poised to exercise their voting rights in the upcoming presidential election, highlighting the critical role of the youth demographic in shaping the political landscape of the nation.

Erdogan declares victory: How does Turkey’s recent vote parallel the upcoming US election of 2024?

Jalen Alami, Staff Writer May 30, 2023

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has secured another five-year term, maintaining his two-decade dominance in the country's politics. His combative populism and reshaping of laws to consolidate power...

Teacher strikes have occurred throughout history as educators rally for better pay, improved working conditions, and increased funding for education.

Teachers strike in the UK: Examining the fair treatment of teachers in the US

Lexiss Marajas, Staff Writer May 30, 2023

Voicing their concerns about mistreatment, teachers in the UK have taken to striking, disrupting the school system to push for change. “Teachers should be given what they need. They need the right...

The ISS is a collaborative project among multiple countries, serving as a remarkable orbital research laboratory and a symbol of global cooperation in space exploration.

ISS hanging by a thread: How will space play a role in the future of international relations?

Dhanush Gowda, Staff Writer May 30, 2023

The International Space Station, or ISS, is among the biggest modules ever launched into space by humanity, representing a colossal international effort.  "[The International Space Station] is our...

The Red Square in Russia is a historically and culturally significant landmark, known for its iconic architecture and as a symbol of national pride.

Red Square attack: What do students need to know about the current state of the Russia-Ukraine conflict?

Anita Gautam, Staff Writer May 30, 2023

Despite the escalating conflict in Ukraine, there have been no significant reports of attacks on Russian soil; nevertheless, during the evening of May 4, a drone strike targeted the Kremlin, the official...

JUUL, a popular e-cigarette brand, rose to prominence in recent years and became synonymous with the youth vaping epidemic, ultimately facing scrutiny for its role in fueling nicotine addiction among teenagers.

Australia to ban vaping: How feasible would such measures be for our local community?

Yatin Bayya, Staff Writer May 30, 2023

Already having one of the highest cigarette prices in the world, Australia is expected to enact a full ban on the recreational use of vaping devices. These initiatives aim to make the product solely for...

Title 42 has been a subject of controversy and legal challenges, with critics arguing that its use for expelling migrants without giving them an opportunity to seek asylum violates their rights under domestic and international law.

Trump immigration policy disbanded: How has perceptions surrounding the American Dream evolved over time?

Parsa Hassanpour, AVT World News & Politics Page Editor May 21, 2023

Following COVID concerns in 2020, the Trump administration enacted Title 42, a temporary measure to slow down immigration, especially across the US-Mexico border.  The measure prevented illegal migrants...

In 1992, AAPI Heritage Week was expanded and officially designated as AAPI Heritage Month to provide a broader platform for recognizing and appreciating the multifaceted contributions of such groups to the United States.

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month: How do students and our local community celebrate?

Rishit Agnihotri, Staff Writer May 21, 2023

In celebration of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, communities across the nation (and at Amador) are joining hands to honor and highlight the rich cultural contributions, achievements,...

A 2023 Eurovision viewing party watch olympic gold-medalist Johnny Weir host the 67th edition of the famous European song contest.

Eurovision takes the world by storm: What are the perspectives of students and our local community?

Aimee Sitter, Staff Writer May 21, 2023

The 67th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest commenced on May 9, captivating audiences worldwide. Involving countries from Albania to Australia, Eurovision allows people from various nations to come...

Spanning centuries, Africa has been marked by a tumultuous history of conflict and turmoil, stemming from the enduring legacies of colonization, ethnic and religious tensions, and scarcity of resources.

Sudan experiences major turmoil: How does our perception of conflict in Africa dictate our response?

Zenil Koovejee and Preston Elliott May 13, 2023

During the past week, Sudan has experienced a major escalation of conflict between two political factions, greatly impacting the stability of the region and the lives of millions on the ground level. Despite...

Elon Musk founded SpaceX in 2002 in order to reduce space transportation costs and enable the colonization of Mars.

Space X launches the most powerful rocket in history: What it means the new era of space exploration?

Amogh Belgal, Staff Writer May 10, 2023

In a historic feat on April 20, SpaceX successfully launched the Starship, measuring a whopping 394 feet in height and 29.5 feet in width (the largest rocket ever to be launched in the history of mankind)....

The younger generation has increasingly embraced digital platforms like Apple Pay for their banking and purchasing needs, largely neglecting the traditional wallet and physical cards.

The future of wallets: How do bank failures reflect the evolution of financial institutions in the modern age?

Jalen Alami, Staff Writer May 9, 2023

In the past week, First Republic Bank has become the next victim in a series of bank failures that have plagued the United States and the world. Being acquired by JPMorgan Chase just weeks after the Silicon...

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