AVHS orchestra’s “Glory to Hong Kong” performance


Maxwell Flasck

The student videos were put together for the illusion of an in-person performance.

Maxwell Flasck, Staff Writer

Uploaded to YouTube on October 4th, the AVHS orchestra’s performance of “Glory to Hong Kong” went viral, racking up over 100,000 views in just three days.

The project was directed by AV music teacher Mark Aubel, during the class’s Songs of Change unit. Each student sent in a recording of them playing an instrument for the video which was later put together by Aubel’s son.

“It turned out better than expected. To get 100,000 views in 3 days was very exciting for the students. We were ecstatic to read the thousands of positive comments from Hong Kong. News organizations from Hong Kong have interviewed both me and the students,” said Aubel.

Though the performance itself put the abilities of orchestra students to the test, there is a much deeper meaning to the project. “Glory to Hong Kong” is an anthem sung by protesters in Hong Kong, saying that they will never surrender until their voices are heard and freedom is earned.

“I wanted the students to compare and contrast the protests that were going on in the U.S. with those occurring in Hong Kong. They have many similarities. This was the perfect song for our orchestra to perform. The “A” Jazz Band will be doing Haitian Fight Song and the choir will be performing “Do You Hear the People Sing” from Les Miserables. All great “protest” songs,” said Mr. Aubel when asked about his inspiration for the project.

Hearing the song played by high school students on another continent has proven to be very symbolic for Hong Kong protesters. It lets protestors know that their voices are being heard by a global audience, and that they have supporters in a time when the government is trying to silence them.

The final video is available on Mr. Aubels YouTube channel. (Maxwell Flasck)

“I believe this video symbolizes how far the reach of music can be and how powerful the feelings elicited can be. I think the video means a lot to Hong Kong [protesters] as they saw it as a demonstration of support… This anthem is meant to boost morale and elicit hope for protestors… it is very touching to see high school students playing the song,” said AV support counselor Jennifer Yu.