Movie Review: ‘Palm Springs’


Zachary Nicholas, AVT Editor-in-Chief

The “time loop” premise is not new. It has been done time after time in Hollywood. Some movies use this structure exquisitely, and others feel like a recurring bad dream. 

Groundhog Day is a great example of a “time loop” film done right, as are Edge of Tomorrow and Happy Death Day. On July 10th, Palm Springs was released and I can say without a doubt this film is a breath of fresh air. Enjoyable, original, and downright hilarious; Palm Springs is the summer comedy this summer needed. 

The cast itself is full of talent. Andy Samberg from Brookline 99 and Saturday Night Live! joins Cristin Milioti of How I Met Your Mother to play the two leads. Their chemistry is incredible and the comedic chops between the both of them make for many laughs. In addition to Samberg and Milioti, Camila Mendes(Riverdale) and Academy Award winner J.K. Simmons play side characters. So on paper, this film already looked like a home run. 

The plot is actually very creative, and it has to be. A movie with a time loop structure has to have good writing; that is a fact. The beauty of Palm Springs is that the plot is simple: two wedding guests meet each other, become stuck in a time loop, and slowly fall for one another as they relive the same day. That’s it. But the characters elevate this plot. They are well written with great, funny dialogue. The romance is one that you cannot help but fall for. 

As for complaints, I have just one. The pacing is off at some times. Pacing is very important. If there is a moment in a film when the audience is bored, it is most likely due to mediocre pacing. This film has several moments that feel either very slow or very rushed.

I found myself drawn out of the story a little. However, it was not to the extent where I was not pulled back in soon after. There were also instances where the story took a turn that was both vaguely and quickly explained. In those instances, I was a bit confused, but in the large scheme of the film, it’s not that bad

Palm Springs is not a perfect film. It has some flaws, but dang is this movie entertaining. I was looking forward to its release since its announcement. This is a film that is very easy to like, and it’s understandable why. With an amazing cast and delightful story, Palm Springs is a comedy you do not want to miss. 

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