From Nothing to Something, YOU on Netflix

From Nothing to Something, YOU on Netflix

Stephanie Silva, Staff Writer

You is a Netflix original that just recently came out. Right away it started becoming a huge hit across the nation. The series originally aired on lifetime but only gained about 650,000 views and was hardly recognized. Greg Berlanti, the director of the show, also directed popular shows like Riverdale, Arrow, and Blindspot, but he admitted that “barely anyone watched [You]”.

However, as soon as the show hit Netflix, it became a big hit. NY Times Magazine stated that “Mr. Berlanti [had] heard from family and friends about how much they were enjoying his new show, ignoring the fact that it had debuted months earlier.” It also stated that You was on track to be watched by 40 million households within its first four weeks on the service.

Mr. Berlanti stated, “It went from being one of the least-watched shows I’ve ever worked on and been most proud of — and I’m choosing to take Netflix at their word on this — to being the most watched TV show I’ve ever worked on in 20-something years of being in the business”. Season 2 is up and coming after these stunning reviews!

The show is based upon a Manhattan bookstore manager named Joe Goldberg who’s obsessed with a young woman named Beck. She stops by his shop once and from there he begins to stalk her to the point where he knew more about her own life than she did herself. The 10 episode series follows these two on their thrilling journey.

“Each episode leaves you wanting to find out more and more, until finally you just end up bingeing the whole thing in one day, like I did. I heard about the show through friends and then I couldn’t stop watching it,” said Joey Gnagy (‘18).

The audience is focused more towards young adults, as it is rated MA on Netflix. Some parts are a little difficult to grasp or understand, but overall, everything begins to make sense overtime. Most people actually recommend watching all 10 episodes in one sitting, just because of the fact that you’ll understand it more clearly.

“The show was really suspenseful and even left me a little anxious. It really makes you feel a lot of different emotions. It’s scary because this stuff could happen and does happen to people in real everyday life. I was watching it in my living room once and my family walked in while I was in the middle of an episode and just had their eyes glued to the TV without even knowing what was going on! It’s that good!” said Julie Moreno (‘19).

There are so many predictions online already about what Season 2 of this show could possibly be about. If you aren’t into spoilers, then I would recommend not trying to search for answers or future predictions because this show is hot on the internet right now.

“After the shocking ending of the last episode in Season 1, I literally can’t wait to see what Season 2 has in store. They’re really gonna make us wait, ugh!,” said Cierra Ashley (‘19).

This show really is a sign to the public that second chances really do come true in the best of ways!