Wildfire Petition for Change

Elizabeth Kostalnick, Page Editor

With the fires burning all throughout California, the air quality has not only affected where the fires burned but had worsened in Pleasanton as well. Because of this a “Change.org” petition was created in order to cancel school due to poor air quality.

“I think it is important to consider our health in general because of this fire out health can be endangered in some ways because of the effects of the ash,” said Gregory Wood (‘20).

While the effects of the ash took a toll on the air quality, the fires were at the time almost contained.

The “Camp Fire” has been 35 percent contained, as of Tuesday evening. A total of 130,000 acres have been burned so far,” stated CBS News Article.

Even though the fire was 35 percent contained, the air quality in Pleasanton is still very polluted. In school, students were given the option at lunch to eat indoors if they chose because of the air quality.

The Change.org campaign did not go very far; however, it received over 25,000 signatures of people all around the Bay Area in favor of canceling school.

“I think if people were to sign it with actual health concerns it would be important, but most people just wanted to stay home from school and sat outside during lunch,” said Kaitlin Winter (‘20).

On Friday, last week, schools in PUSD were finally canceled due to the immensely high AQI, not necessarily the petition. Though break had started early, it is necessary not to trivialize the great effects the fire had and instead take time to remember and respect those in the struggle