The California Diaspora

Thomas Hsu, Staff Writer

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    This June, many of our seniors are going to graduate and go to college or straight into the workforce. Some of us have not decided what to do after graduation.

    “As soon as I finish my active duty in the military, I’m going to college outside of California ” says Jaxen Gurley (19’) .

    One of the options is to stay in the Bay Area to work a five or six figure job, but end up paying an average of $742,000 for a house, according to SF Gate. Others will live in places like Tracy and commute west to for their jobs, since the houses average $473,000.

    “There’s a lot better places to live that are cheaper, but I’m pretty much stuck” says Peter Robbins.

    The salaries of jobs keep rising, paralleled by the cost of living in this state. People are seeing that, and they just keep coming anyway.

    On the other hand, Californians are looking at other options. Some are considering moving away, and others will hop on a plane out of here as soon as they can.

    “I just want to experience something new, plus the traffic here really sucks” says Sammi Buschek (18’).

    The average house price of Austin, Texas is $335,700. Salem, Oregon is $256,000. Las Vegas, Nevada dips down to $241,800. Compared to the three-quarters of a million in the Bay Area, these locations have become more appealing by the day.

    “I don’t know how teachers live around here. I’m lucky to have inherited a house” says Antonio Yovino.

    The cost of living in the Golden State has skyrocketed and many residents are scrambling to figure out what to do.  

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