Battlegrounds 2 Makes it Right

Thomas Hsu

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    On the other side of gaming news, EA has completely revamped their progression system in Battlefront 2. Compared to the controversial loot box system they had before, the new system is pleasing gamers all around.

   When the game was released last year, a majority of gamers boycotted it, trying to make a statement to EA about the microtransactions. Microtransactions were temporarily removed to boost sales on release day, but unfortunately they were brought back later.

   Now, EA has decided to give in to popular demand and remove microtransactions from the game. The leveling system is now dependent on experience gained in gameplay for each of the four classes.

   “I love the leveling system now, because each class has their own progression…I hated opening the boxes to get items,” says Jaxen Gurley (‘19).

   All of the base heroes are unlocked for all players along with the special ships as well. The only items currently in the loot crates are cosmetics and credits, but nothing that will give anyone an advantage over another player.

   Microtransactions will come back in April, but only for the cosmetic crates. This is a huge change for the game, and now the community has more options.

   From the stinging backlash it has received, it appears that EA has learned their lesson. This is a huge example to all other triple a publishers who use loot boxes.

   “I’m glad this sets a precedent for these companies. The cash grab is just ridiculous” says Matt Duret (‘18).

   Hopefully the protests improve the gaming industry, showing them that the most profitable approach is not microtransactions.