Grace Huang

Jeon is the 2022-23 SSC sophomore representative.

Ella Jeon (’25)

Responses are official written statements from Jeon, and were edited for length and clarity. 

What does a school site council representative do?

As a school site council representative, we work as a group and collaborate to set goals for the school and make plans to achieve those goals. For example, there’s a big focus around mental/social health and the well-being of the school. The council includes representation from teachers, students, and parents, along with our principal.

What was the application process like?

The application process was fairly simple, it was done through a google form where you explained why you wanted to be a representative, and maybe a bit about who you are and your interests.

What are some of your goals as an SSC representative? What do you hope to change?

Some of my goals as a SSC representative is to improve on the school’s direction as it moves forward and I would like to change our view on certain aspects of school life as well as set goals based on what I know about my peers’ opinions.

Why did you decide to become a representative? What inspired you?

I became a student representative because I participated in California Association of Student Councils and it was honestly a complete life changer for me and my perspective on society and what I might be able to do in it. I made some very close friends there who I’m still in touch with today and they are also a big positive influence to me.

What are the main issues you’d like to address as a student representative?

Some of the big issues I would like to address is the school campus’s  physical environment and health, trash management and if possible nutrition as well through the food options of the school

Describe how the first SSC meeting went and what are the items discussed?

The first SSC meeting covered introductions and procedural review of last year as well as this year’s meetings, along with training for roles and responsibilities

How did you feel when you found out you got the position?

I was definitely really excited and glad I would be able to represent and use what I had learned from the community at the California Association of Student Councils. For my first reaction though, I was honestly a little surprised because I had hoped to get the position but I had tried not to hold too much expectation of getting it. 

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