Seniors receive their freshman health letters back


Kylie Cancilla

Ashley Torres (‘22) poses with her freshman health letter and believes that a lot of what she wrote about still resonates with her today.

Kylie Cancilla, Staff Writer

Every year the freshman health classes write letters to their senior selves. Recently the class of ‘22 got those letters back in the mail. With them came memories and feelings of nostalgia for the seniors before they wrap up their high school experience. 

“After reading my letter, I felt relieved because I was really worried about high school and really intimidated [at the time,] and now to think about how I am almost through with it and thinking back on all the great experiences I had I was very happy reading it and seeing the outcome of everything,” said Carson Candler (‘22).

When the freshmen participate in this project, they are the ones who really get to decide how much they want to get out of the assignment. 

 “I tell them to write as much as they can about anything and everything, and the less they write, the less interesting it will be, and the more they write, the more interesting it will be. If they don’t write much they will get it back and think they were really lame as a freshman” said health teacher Julie Foley

After gaining four years of experience facing high school in all of its forms, seniors had some advice to give to their younger selves. Reading the letters gave the seniors a perspective on how much they truly have changed.

“I would tell my younger self, do what makes you happy, continue what makes you happy and if something does not make you happy, walk away. I am definitely more comfortable with myself now and living more just like who I am is who I am,” said Brock Uhl (‘22)

Even if one isn’t a freshman, writing letters to one’s future self can always be fun. With time comes change, and it is nice to see how much one has grown over the course of life. 

“I wrote a letter to myself in my first year teaching [at Amador] which I read every year which is really fun. In that I talked about how I hoped Tim, my now husband, would propose” said Foley