Saint Luna enjoyed playing their hearts out and gaining new fans at Amador. (Sara Kracke)
Saint Luna enjoyed playing their hearts out and gaining new fans at Amador.

Sara Kracke

Saint Luna performs at Amador

March 5, 2022

During Thursday’s lunch, San Diego based band Saint Luna performed in front of the R building for all Amador students to enjoy. Drummer Paarsa Heidari, a former Amador student, was ecstatic when leadership reached out him to come back and perform.

“Getting to play at your old high school is something that most never get to do, so I couldn’t pass that opportunity,” said Heidari (‘18).

AV Leadership was able to set up a well-decorated area that fit the psychedelic indie aesthetic of the band. Many students enjoyed watching the band play and jamming out to the variety of songs they had.

“It was something different from our typical events at school, so everyone was excited to see what the band had to play. Overall, I really liked the music because it was upbeat and made my day better,” said Nitya Ravi (‘24).

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  • A large crowd of enthusiastic students gathered around the new R building to enjoy the band’s music.

Along with Heidari, the other band members include Bradyn Jace, Charlie Black, Wick Hauser, and Max Katz. They all met while staying in the same fraternity at San Diego State University, where they began playing together for frat parties.

“It was just for fun in the beginning, and then we started booking bigger shows, talking to bigger people, and our TikTok started doing better. That’s when it kicked into something more serious,” said Jace.

Saint Luna is now performing in larger venues, such as their upcoming concert this June at The Observatory North Park in San Diego. Though they were nervous about playing at a smaller location with listeners who may not have heard their songs before, Amador students proved to be an incredible audience.

“I was scared to play at Amador, because I know that if we played at my high school, everyone would just sit there and look at us weird, so it was cool that people were upfront and dancing around,” said Jace.

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  • Charlie Black, Bradyn Jace, Paarsa Heidari, Max Katz, and Wick Hauser gather for a group photo after their successful performance at Amador.

While reminiscing on his musical journey, Heidari truly felt grateful for his experience in the Amador band and how his high school years helped him grow as an artist.

“I started drumming here, and this is the birthplace of where I wanted to become a musician. The band program at Amador is definitely the best music program I’ve been in. I was in the music program at San Diego State freshman year, and I dropped it because it just wasn’t compared to Amador. I’m really thankful to have gone to this school,” said Heidari.

After the lunchtime concert, the crowds dispersed and students shared smiles as they returned to class. With the success of the performance came positive feedback and a hope for similar events in the future.

“I think the band created a fun and exciting environment during lunch on Thursday. I hope our school continues to provide more live music because they were really good,” said Catie Nielsen (‘24)

With high hopes in mind, Saint Luna intends to grow as large as they possibly can, not only to conquer the Amador campus alone, but to reach out as far as the stars. 

“I want Saint Luna to be the biggest rock band in the world,” said Jace.

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  • The San Diego based band, Saint Luna, performed during lunch in front of the R building for all Amador students to enjoy.

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