AV Leadership spruces up campus with plants and decorations


AV Leadership worked hard to plant flowers in the quad for the rest of the school to enjoy.

Nadya Carreira, Staff Writer

After students hopping on the “Devious Licks” TikTok challenge wreaked havoc across campus, AV Leadership is helping the school turn over a new leaf. 

“We’re planting native plants to bring back native insects and more hummingbirds and butterflies, and to make the school look better,” says Marc Altherr (‘22), who helped with the planting and putting together.

Along with planting a wide variety of native shrubs and flowers to support our local ecosystem, leadership also hand-painted rocks and stepping stones to add to our campus. 

“We are going to add a little color back to campus and put [the rocks] in the sparse areas… maybe putting rocks that have little quotes or adding color may just make the campus seem a little more loved and involved,” says Grace Macneil (‘22)

The recent vandalism around the school disappointed many students, but also inspired others, like the leadership members, to take action and show support for the school. 

“‘Devious Licks’ is [kind of] embarrassing for us, so if you do that, you’re not my friend,” said Altherr

Altherr hopes that, in the future, students will be humble and considerate about the work put in to keep the school clean and organized. 

Leadership students have planted seeds of change, and these plants are the first step in weeding out the destructive behavior from the past months and helping our school grow and improve. 

“[We hope that] putting a little TLC love and effort back into campus will spark positive change,” said leadership member Macneil.  

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  • Emma Baer (’23) works paints a stepping stone to be placed under the freshman tree.

  • Sara Vannoni (’23) decorates a motivational rock to plant in the quad.

  • A new plant gets new company from freshly painted rocks out in the quad.